Work History

Work…it’s not play, but you hope to find a job that for the majority of the day you are happy, that you smile when you explain your career to others, and that you work in an environment with positive and supportive people.

It’s all about the attitude.. a motto I borrowed from the man who started the UCONN Cytogenetics program, an  inspirational individual who has seen his 2 kids graduate from UCONN,  a person who has always been a proponent and supporter of education and a Cytogeneticist with the savvy and drive to build and lead a number of successful businesses. 

If you are offered a position at a company with a positive work environment for a job that requires brain power for less money than at a second company where the tasks required are strictly manual, or as my Mom would say PHS, (push here stupid) alongside people with negative attitudes who spend their time gossiping,  trust me on this folks…. take the lower paying job!   😉 

How to find that right job? Get out and shadow, volunteer or intern as soon as possible. Check out the unique options on and call those places to visit..think outside the “box”. Go to Career Services.  Talk with people…you never know who has that connection!